LongLeaf Pine Forest Facts

What makes longleaf different?

The fire forest

Longleaf pine forests are more than meets the eye

The majestic longleaf pine ecosystem once covered over 90 million acres across nine states from Virginia to Texas but dropped to only 3 percent of its original acreage due to overharvesting, agricultural expansion, fire suppression and development. We need to preserve this ecosystem to save many of the following plants and animals that live within the forests. Southern Company and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation have undertaken steps to conserve and restore the longleaf pine ecosystem, most notably through the Longleaf Legacy Program. This partnership, which includes a number of federal agencies and other corporations, has helped reverse the decline of longleaf forests and is working toward expanding the longleaf forests in the Southeast. To learn more about how you can help preserve and restore this vital ecosystem, please visit Southern Company's ecosystems page.